Intellux – Beware of their links!!!

ANy kind of an intellectually enhancing pill is hoaxy to me. Intellux is a manufacturer of these kinds of products that claims itself to be the future. I came across one of their advertisements online and accidentally clicked it. The link offered one bottle free for the purchase of two of their IQ enhancement pill. I read it out of curiosity, wondering who in their right mind would believe this, and moved on. | The next day I noticed a transaction on my bank account. A charge for $150 had been made by Intellux. I called my bank right away and then called the company in an outrage. I was transferred to a different person, at least three times. Each customer service did not help me but tried to get me to change my mind and keep my order. | I finally got through to someone who told me that I was only able to get 40% of my money back from the order. I still have not received that refund and it has been weeks.All I can say is that if you come across an ad like this, close the page. This company is a scam and should be shut down for taking people’s account information.

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