INTCAS – INTCAS Owned By An Ex-Convict For Human Trafficking

If you see the name Zakaria Mahmood– RUN! This is a name and a person you do not want to be involved with. He is a ex-convict who was convicted molesting a child in the UK and is under suspicion as an ISIS recruiter… all under the name of INTCAS the “college” “student visa” system that helps foreigners get into colleges around the world. | ALL THESE COLLEGES ARE BOGUS. | Zakaria uses INTCAS to get a CAS number to help students get visas…. Then these students never show up to college…. say what? Where are these students going? THIS IS SCANDALOUS– Zakaria Saqib Mahmood ad INTCAS must be stopped! | BE AWARE STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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