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Complaint: This company is a complete and total rip off. They prey on uninformed people in the community who trust and pay for a service and they end up finding out that they have been lied to, mistreated, ripped off and over charged. The fact that these owners, managers and supervisors that get away with this is not only awful, but on many levels it’s illegal. They have been investigated numerous times, and every year they seem to be audited due to hired employees as well as management operating and doing extrememly fraudulent activity. This company will tell you anything to get you into their doors. They will give you loans, try and file your taxes with your last paycheck stub (which is illegal), and they will add on various credits in an effort to get you a lot of money back. What they are actually doing is trying to get your refund as high as they can, so they can charge you a percentage of that. Their fees are completely hidden and depending on whether you come in at the beginning on the season, (before the IRS even opens), or at the end, you will be charged accordingly. If the company didn’t make their numbers by the end of the season, those that wait to file will see it reflected in their cost. It is a scam and it is completely illegal. Many of the employees are first time tax preparers and the management doesn’t seem to care very much about their success. Those that are able to keep their numbers high will stay on with the company, those that have low numbers you will be asked to leave with in a days notice. From the management to the employees this company is not good to work with. I recommend that if you ever go to them, PLEASE ask them for a print out of your fees and what you will be charged. You will see that you will get many excuses from the printer not working to you will get all of that when you pick up your check. That way they can over charge you and when you arrive to pick up your refund you will see that you have been charged from 600 to 800 or more dollars, depending on what time of the season you go and if they have made their numbers. This company is very greedy and they care very little about their clients. You will NEVER be able to speak with any of the district managers, as they are ALWAY out of the office. (That is what all of their employees are told to say). This company is sad and disgusting and the more people that complain about them, the quicker they will go out of business. There are many of places to go and get your taxes done. Please look around and give your business to someone else. This company needs to be shut down and the owners and managers need to be in jail.

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Address: 11200 Crenshaw Blvd Inglewood, California United States of America


Phone: 323-757-6900

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