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Complaint: My first exposure to CheckMate was through the Washington Post. A reporter had written an aritcle on how surprised he was that Checkmate had some much information on him, even traffic tickets that he had long forgotten about. I needed to find out informaiton on my 47 year old son, whom I have not seen or known his whereabouts for the past three years. Instant Checkmate sounded like a resource that could help me. I went on there site and was encouraged by the rolling advertisement about how they could not only provide information on my son but also information on where he has worked, lived, licenses he may have held,etc. It seemed to be very thorough. The ad was professional in every respect. I chose the plan that would provide all the information I would every want and then some. It was to cost me about $66.00 for three months. I provided a credit card and began to search for informaiton on my son. I was surprised to see the search criteria was not very comprehensive. I saw no way to find him by entereing his Social Security number or other such information like where he used to work, etc. My understanding was that my $66.00 for the three months would provide me access to all available informaiton from Checkmate. I had not been on their search site for two minutes when a pop up advised my I would need to pay $1.99 for a specific name search, an explanation followed as to why this was a necessary extra charge, it made no sense. Moments later when I went to retireve the requested informaiton I was advised again that there would be a $19.99 charge for getting me this data. This was not special information, it was what their ad had indicated would be indcluded. Seeing where this was headed, I logged off the site. The next morning I called to cancel my account. I was told I would be charged the $66.00 for the three months but my account would not be renewed. I am retired and on a fixed income. I wanted to find the whereabouts of my son. This company gave me one price and clearly indicated it would include the needed information. I was disappoinited when I found out that they seem only interested in misleading people into paying more than the original ad stated. Furthermore, unlike any reasonable organization they are going to keep my money though I have recieved no service for it. Pat Lake City, FL

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