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When I ordered the trial for $4.95 from Inherent Beauty I clicked on a link on the FoxNews website. I made sure there were no “catches”. I received the eye cream and face cream for two $4.95 charges. I didn’t make a fuss since it was only another $4.95. Then 2 weeks later I was hit with the $89.85 & $89.94 charges. I called immediately and Inherent Beauty refunded the $89.85 and YS Cream Co said they would but never did. I disputed with my Barclay Card and then loss a couple months later. YS Cream Co (Vumeraskin) sent verbage from their website stating the 14 day policy that was never on the link that I ordered from. | I have also closed my Barclay Card and will never do business with them since they allow these deceiving companies to be merchants!!

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