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I am a repeat customer for this company . My first sale seemed to be fine , however i havent received it yet . nI have puchased a item called ” magicjack “” from them . Well i was shopping through there site looking to purchase a couple more units and find a great price for a two pack . Now grant it Infinite surplus was about $2.00 higher then everybody else

but I trusted them . Big mistake !!!!! ni get an e-mail the next day saying my order has been canceled with no explanation as to why ????nI immeadiatly go and check my bank account and the money has been taken .ni would also like to note that th email was from amazon not from there so called featured merchant . …. nI sent Infinite Surplus a e-mail asking why my order was canceled and they say amazon made a mistake listing the item ?? then why is everybody else at the price price ? n”” brett “” at infinite surplus couldnt come up with an answere . nnow my money is still gone

and their attitude is “” oh well “” . He wont even give me there company phone number !!! nwhat kind of company wont honor there advertised price ? nDo not buy from this company . i have read all through there ratings and it seems that when they screw you over they do it big time . even sending one guy an empty box …. WTF ? nAmazon shoppernusa

CaliforniaU.S.A.” Internet U.S.A.

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By Ronald

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