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About 2 months ago I search for prices on a Perfect C101 vacuum cleaner. The brest price was at for $412.38. I decided to wait until yesterday 12/19/2013 and called. As others have reported no one ever answers the phone, it is always a machine. I did leave a message. The call was returned later and my husband explained to the owner that we are interested in the Perfect C101, but are a little skeptical due to the BBB ratings. The owner told my husband that he would call back that next day after he checked the availability. (My hushand did mention the price that was listed on the web, but the owner made no comment? Today he called back and said that the vacuum is available and commented that he had told my husband that he would try to give us a better price. Then he proceeded to tell me that the regular price is $899.99 and that’s when I informed him of the price listed on his website. He told me that was an old price and that it was below his cost. I told him that if he was a reputable merchant he would not have such a price error on his website for over 2 months. At the time of my original search, all other vendors were selling that vacuum cleaner at $899.99; was the ONLY site selling it at $412.38. Given that I don’t believe that price was an old price. I believe that it was put there to lure customers in and then they could change the price.. After I told him my feelings and refused to order the merchandise, he has since change his website. I advise everyone to stay away from or

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By Ronald

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