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Complaint: On March 28th of 2003, I took delivery of an Indian Chief Springfield edition motorcycle. The bike was purchased in Bordentown NJ. Three weeks after taking delivery of the motorcycle, a dealership opened up within 6 miles of my house in Hackensack NJ. Since the day I picked this bike up, it was nothing but problems. Wouldn’t run right — constantly spitting and coughing etc. Alarm didn’t work. Waited ridiculous periods of time for services that weren’t performed correctly. A headbolt fell out of the motor. The clutch went. The frame cracked. The monoshock broke. The forks leaked oil just to mention a few. The first service was performed in the Bordentown NJ dealership and I was unhappy with the service. Since Indian Motorcycle set up shop 5 minutes from my house, I decided to get an “OK”” from the manufacturer AND the Bordentown dealership to let the new Hackensack Dealership take responsibility for services and warranty work to be rendered. All parties involved

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Address: Manufacturer

Website: this was taken care of. But not without missing several rallies that I always go to every year. The bike was in the shop for more than a month for a headbolt! As a matter of fact

Phone: Bordentown and Hackensack all concured. When the headbolt fell out of the bike

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