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My husband met this woman on the bus one night. She knew immediately that he was married and had two kids. My husband had suggested that she babysit every once in awhile since she was in need of money because she was in culinary school. My soon to be ex-husband being the piece of shit that he is didn’t inform me of any of this. They friended each other on facebook but when I started snooping he blocked her and they texted. She sent him naked photos and begged him to see her in person, all the while my husband barely responded to her and when he did it was just to get more pictures from her. They texted on and off for 4 months and then my husband told her to stop because we were going to start marriage counseling. || Well, 5 months after that out of the blue she starts sending him pictures again! All the while she has a boyfriend of her own. She literally said nothing to him just sent him a bunch of naked pictures. They emailed and texted for about 3 days. She sent him a ton of pictures. She even had the nerve to ask how myself and my kids where! I found out a month later and actually contacted her. She played up this sob story about how she thought we were getting a divorce and she never meant to hurt me. It was all bullshit. She knew what she was doing and she didn’t even give a shit. || That’s okay though, because of this I’ll get child support, alimony, full custody, and my ex’s ball’s in a jar to decorate my new house with. If you’re in Kennewick stop in to (removed) and say hi to the home-wrecking bitch for me!

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