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Product is a three step staircase purportedly to be used by small dogs to get on high things — like a bed. The design is such that a fairly typical small dog, my fully mobile rat terrier, cannot use it. It is not a matter of familiarity or training, it’s dog physiology. The risers are high and the treads are shallow and sloped down toward the riser. It is not impossible for a fairly long legged small dog to use, but is much more difficult than is a regular staircase built to code. For a short breed the tread is too small in area for all four feet to rest there and the risers are too high for the dog to walk up (both right feet, then both left feet) as the back legs won’t clear the top of the riser. The odd backward slope just makes thing more difficult. While I know it isn’t true, the whole things looks as if were designed by a team that had never seen a small dog and just hypothesized over how such an animal might operate. Unhappy over the product and disappointed that a dog-focused company offered such doggy dross.

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