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I was contacted by someone on the phone claiming to be from the Better Business Bureau, stating they we had been scammed by a computer tech business in the past and they were going to give me a refund. I was very skeptical but did do what they asked me to do on my laptop. They would tell me that it was illegal for them to take control of my computer but I could see the mouse moving around to do commands, when I asked them about this they said it was an automated program by Microsoft. While I was talking to them I got on my tablet and typed in Google "Better Business Bureau scam my computer tech". It did come up so while I was talking to this man I took the battery out of my laptop and told him that our conversation was done that I checked and found out I was being scammed. He asked me if I had touched my computer, when he realized he no longer had control over my computer he told me it was to late that they had already gotten all my passwords & info they needed from my computer. I hung up the phone and immediately called our bank putting a stop on any internet access to our account. I was advised to come down and close all accounts, get new atm & credit cards. Also to have my computer checked for malicious software they had added. What a pain, but I was the stupid one who let them have remote access to my laptop. Now I have to set all new passwords. On my computer.

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By Ronald

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