Imperial valley irragation districtIID San francisco California


Complaint: This is the worst company I have ever worked for. The management demeans you almost every chance they get. If you voice a complaint about how things are handled or how you are treated, management disagrees with you and says your wrong. You may even be the butt of indirect jokes from Kevin Kelley, as a passive aggressive dig at you for your complaint. They do this to employees, and to contracted 3rd party workers. He will yell at you, swear at you, get flustered, won’t listen to your ideas even when you’re the expert and have info to back up your professional opinion, you are wrong in his view. Unless you are Jim Hanks and agree with everything Kevin Kelley has to say, then he will love you for being a yes man. Kevin Kelley is an emotional wreck and a child with no sense of professionalism. They under deliver and underperform for their community, but still expect to get elected by the community. They will fluff invoices for work and make it appear as if they have done the agreed upon work and more. Kevin Kelley will sell you a bill of goods, trying to get you as a contravtor, make a lot of promises, and then when what was promised was delivered, you will hear from him that was never the verbal agreement or what was promised. do not work for this district. They are a ripoff, as a consumer, and as an employee. Avoid them like the black plague, nothing but shady business practices all around.

Tags: Government Services

Address: el centro, California USA

Website: iid,org/


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