Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations/Ramada Plaza Resorts Rolla Missouri Review


Hi everyone. I hope by sharing my story it will help some of you. And please know that no matter what they tell you, YOU CAN STILL GET YOUR MONEY BACK.In 2008 I received a travel voucher in the mail from Ramada Plaza Resorts for $1,600. It said something about being a credit card reward. My fiance and I had been planning our honeymoon with a very low budget, so we decided that he would call and listen to the timeshare spiel, just to check it out. After a 15-minute, high-pressure sales pitch, they asked him to pay $498 for a cruise. We didn’t have the funds and my fiance is really wise about scam offers, so they instead accepted a $100 non-refundable deposit with a 3-day cancellation period. (They said it was a one-phone call per voucher offer.) We immediately researched the company and found that it lacked integrity, so he called the very next day on 4/5/08 and cancelled the vacation package. He got a cancellation number, they kept the $100 non-refundable deposit, and we thought our business with them had ended.Fast-forward 18 months: After we had married and I was home alone on 11/12/09, a supervisor from “Imperial Majesty”” called me and rudely asked

“”Did you forget about your vacation package?”” I informed her that my husband had handled these matters and that neither of us had purchased a package; in fact

I was sure he had cancelled it. She claimed that yes

we had purchased a $498 cruise

and she was looking at my credit card information we gave them to authorize the charge. I felt extremely pressured and

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