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I bought a watch online at but received something completely different from what I ordered. I only noticed that the shipping paperwork had no return address but was from China. the website advertises a 7-day return policy so I immediately contacted customer support at [email protected]. Someone named Jessie responded back within a day but after daily e-mails for almost a month, still refused to accept the watch back citing the risk of loss through Chinese customs. He sent me a photo album of the watches he actually has in stock and his collection is sparse compared to what he advertises online as ‘In-stock’.After spending $175 on the wrong watch, he finally agreed to refund me $75 if I drop the matter. I tossed the chronograph that only partially works and am out $100. Take my advice and NEVER buy a replica watch. They aren’t that cheap and you’re better off buying a low end brand name watch instead.

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