Imbesi Law, P.C. and Vince Imbesi Jr. New York New York


Complaint: Vince Imbesi Jr. is an Attorney in New York and is the primary owner of Imbesi Law, P.C.. Vince Imbesi Jr. represented me in a few cases, but then started to take advantage of me as a disabled, handicapped person. Vince Imbesi Jr. took advantage of me and when I fired him, he started harrassing me, got me evicted out of the place I live, had me swatted by the police and had people harrass my Family Members. Watch out for this Attorney!!!!!!!! Not sure how the State of New York hasn’t revoked his Law license already.

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Address: 450 Seventh Ave., 14th Floor New York, New York United States


Phone: 800-976-9177

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