On 10/06/2009 I purchased the property (2 beds, 1 bath, 1 car garage) in Sacramento, California for $66,200 from the seller broker, Ilah Turner (ColdWell Banker) through the buyer broker Kurt Colins (Primera Realty)… Please note that this is the NORMAL SALE… but right on 10/26/2009, I received the Notice of Violation from the Sacramento Building Inspections stated that the master bed room and the garage do not have the permits and they both on the VIOLATIONS! and the Sacramento Building Inspections already put the LEAN on the property! First, I really did not know what to do, so I called my broker (Kurt Colins) right away and asked him please help because I did not expect this kind of problems happen when I purchased the property. And on the other hand, I also contacted the seller broker, Ms. Ilah Turner, for help by callings and emailings; none of them provided help! but ignored me! I have been suffered, mentally abused, and overworked for all those problems since 10/26/2009… and finally, I found out from the Sacramento Building Inspections that on 07/08/2009 when Mr. Gary Smythe (the Sacramento Building Inspector II) first came to the property based on the ordered of the Sacramento Assessor, he spoke to the previous owner, who name Zoe Richmond and the seller broker, Ms. Ilah Turner; and Mr. Smythe gave Ms. Richmond the Notice of Violation front of the seller broker Ms. Ilah Turner. Now, the cost for me to bring the property up in legal condition is more than twenty thousands dollars ($20,000)!… As my understand basing on the California’s Law, whenever anyone sells any property, the seller + seller broker + buyer broker should be honest and besides, their duties are including all the property’s conditions, problems, and disclose everything to the buyer in writing? letting the buyer know that if there is any LEANS, VIOLATIONS, or etc.!!!???… The fact, none of them disclose anything, but hiding a lot from me, which I will file the lawsuit to sue the seller + the seller broker + the buyer broker!!!… Now, I would like to ask for help through this website; I hope that I could resolve the problems as soon as possible. Because, when I purchased the property, I wished to move out the place that I was renting to my own place, but I could not even touch the property to get it fix since the day that I received the second notice of VIOLATION??? Please, help and please, do not let them get away with it… let the truth comes out and let the truth to be known to everyone! My two options for them: either they have to pay the total cost for me to bring the property up in legal condition or I will return the property to the seller and the seller have to pay for all the fees that I already paid out of my pockets(the Court fees + Attorney fees + documents fees + transportation fees + medical bills) and the rentals for those months that I could not move in to my own place!

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