Ike’s Restaurant Detroit Michigan


Complaint: I was at Ike’s in August 2011. The waitress brought me a platter that I did not even order worth over $40.00 that was meant for a large group of people. I was with my girlfriend at the time and mentioned that I did not order the platter. Instead of the waitress admitting she made a mistake on her ticket order, she played it off as if it was my fault, yelled at me several times even though I was acting calm, and told the manager I was a liar. The manager came over and told me that I had to pay for the platter since I ordered it even though I did not order it or he was going to call the police. He raised his voice several times at me and was threatening. This was my first time at Ike’s in Sterling Heights and I will never go back there again. They are crooks and treat their customers with no respect. Do not support these people!

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 38550 Van Dyke Ave. Sterling Heights, Michigan United States of America

Website: www.ikesrestaurant.com/

Phone: (586) 979-4460

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By Ronald

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