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Complaint: I hired Mr. Ikeri (Owner) of Ike Construction to remodel my house in April 2012. I ended up firing him in July for not completing the project in 30 days as agreed, performing illegal and dangerous work, extortion and for causing further damage to my house. Mr. Ikeri used unlicensed and undocumented day workers to perform the repairs unsupervised even after I asked him to use licensed sub-contractors. He did not finish any project he started. He did not pull permits or perform work up to code. He negliected the water leak on the second floor and that caused my ceiling to collapse. He installed wrong and defective windows and informed us after installation that our choice of windows were poor. He installed two different tiles in the master bathroom and blamed us for not making more frequent site visits. He had the electrician call us to demand an increase in price of our electrical upgrade project by 50% after he had disconnected all the electrical to the house. I fired him that day. I filed a claim with his bond company and in retialiation Mr. Ikeri hired a lawyer and filed a lien on the house for an outrageous amount. Mr. Ikeri is fraud and I doubt that the License number really belongs to him. This is his information: Ike Contruction Ent Chikwendu Ikeri 5902 Condon Ave #1. Los Angeles, CA 90056 (323)243-9239 Suretec Insurance Company Bond # 606552 I hired a licensed contractor to inspect the repairs done by Mr Ikeri and this is the list of the items that were done either incorrectly, illegally or neglected: October 19, 2012 Inspection of property at Carson CA, 90502 -Wood floors are incomplete and damaged. Flooring was installed before patchwork and other work was completed. It has plaster, drywall, sawdust and debris ground into it.Estimate to finish work and clean and refinish flooring including the unfinished stairway: -Baseboard is unfinished and installed improperly. Estimate to repair and finish includes wood putty large gaps and nail holes, and paint: -Seven (7) windows were installed without stucco patching being done first. The wrong windows were installed. Estimate to remove windows, patch as necessary inside and out, supply or install dual pane Low E Millgarde Windows: -Kitchen tile was installed without gaps to allow for grout. Minimum of 1/8 inch required. Estimate to remove tile and underlayment. Reinstall grout and seal: -Repair Plumbing at ceiling that collapsed. Replace drywall and can lights: -Finish uncompleted tile in both upstairs bathrooms and remove wall tiles in the Master Bath. Replace broken and chipped Jacuzzi tub. Reinstall proper tiles and finish work with soap box:-Power to Jacuzzi tub requires 2 dedicated circuits per code: -Redo plumbing at dual vanity and hall; bath was installed incorrectly: -Unfinished Electrical through out the house and improperly installed electrical. Check to make sure all work is done to code: -Fix all leaks, finish and improve quality of patches, and paint house: -Water Heater not installed to code and encroaches on washer and dryer space. Reinstall bollards for protection: -Electrical Panel upgrade was done without permits or SCE approval. Installation is illegal and not to code. Service connection is not correct nor supported, service riser is not a rigid pipe all the way. Panel is not grounded or bonded to the water service. Meter seal was broken. ( Only to be removed by the power company ) THIS IS A DANGEROUS and improper installation. Stucco was not patched at the meter box prior to installation. Total to correct: -Total of all Repairs: Not all problems are visible and there is a chance that additional cost to homeowner is possible.

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Address: 5902 Condon Ave. #1 Los Angeles, California United States of America


Phone: (323)243-9239

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