IHEATER / TOP TEN IMPORTS Camano Island Washington Review


I ordered the i heater 1000, and the ad said that it would heat a 1,000 square foot area!! What a bunch of baloney, it only heats the area right in front of your feet barely!! I called the customer service department and I was told that I “was responsible for returning it to them”” and would have to pay the return shipping. Well

the shipping for UPS ground was $43.12. What a huge rippoff!! So much for a money back return policy. It will be interesting to see when I will get refunded for the purchase price of $279.00. I would not ever do business with this company and I think that the Indiana A.G. office should be made aware of these fraudsters!!”

6902 Hawthorn Park Drive Indianapolis, Indiana United States of America



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By Ronald

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