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I received an email from a lady named Jessica S. Payne regarding a job position for a Supply Chain Manager for IDS Logistics this is what it said:"Hello ,My name is Ms. Jessica Payne and I’m a representative of the IDS LogisticsHR Department. Due to a recent increase in business, we are looking for moregreat Supply Chain Managers to join our dynamic team. We’re rapidly landingcustomers who are serious about brand identity and who value and trust ourinnovative solutions. Below, please find more information about us and ournew opening.COMPANY PROFILEIDS Logistics is a transportation company with representative officesin 16 countries, 1100 professionals and over 10000 clients. Since 2002,our team has been assisting clients in Europe and Asia. As a leader inlogistics, we always provide our clients the highest quality and themost comprehensive support.POSITION OVERVIEWThe Supply Chain Manager oversees and manages overall supply chain andlogistics operations to maximize efficiency and minimize cost of theorganization’s supply chain. The incumbent will collaborate withmultiple-functional managers to plan and execute the development of adistribution center operational process to enable seamless transfers.The incumbent will also manage and monitor vendor’s qualification andperformance to ensure they meet the company’s requirements. Managessupervise staff in the day-to-day performance of their jobs.Desired backgrounds and skills include:2+ years in any related field, preferably logistics and / or projectmanagement. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience. Supply ChainManager or Project Manager experience with multiple simultaneousprojects. Excellent computer and technology skills including Outlook,PowerPoint, MS Word, and Excel. Time management, planning, andorganizing skills. The ideal candidate is a problem solver andself-starter, thoughtfully committed to meeting objectives with aproven ability to deal with ambiguity PMP certification preferred.Job Status/Type: part time/full time employmentJob Title: Supply Chain ManagerIndustry: Logistics/Freight forwardingType of position: Office based/telecommute.Salary for full-time: $98,000 yearSalary for part-time: $48,000 yearLocation: CA, TX, FL, NJ, IL, OH, WA and 6 more states.If you find this position interesting, please, submit a request for anapplication form, full job description, and website link at your convenience.Thank you for your time!"I waited a few days and replied back saying yes I am interested in the position can you send me more information about the job after talking with the lady (Ms. Payne) through 5 different emails I was asked if we could set up a phone interview I said yes it was scheduled for November 7th I received the call was asked a few questions like a normal phone interview. I was told i would receive an email letting me know if i got the position or didn’t. The next day Thursday afternoon I received an email saying I was welcomed to the company here is my contract please sign and return if you agree to these terms it truly sounded like a wonderful opportunity so i accepted the terms signed the contract and sent it back. I then started doing research on the company it is or was a legitimate company had reviews from employers and all. I got another email saying i would receive more emails from a Mr. Steven K. Henson to complete training and projects to determine if I could do the job I received 4 case studies to complete and send back. After the first 2 i noticed things that just didnt seem right where was my W2 why wasn’t my SSN asked for to complete paper work.I then received an email from Mr. Hanson saying a Mr. James S. Willis would be contacting me to start projects I received those emails welcoming me telling me what my salary would be and he would be guiding me through some projects the first project that was given was to purchase equipment for the office I was sent two different forms to request money from an account. When i was sent this information I knew something wasnt right I contacted my bank explained the situation they then did their research finally got back to me and said it is a scam report it immediately.These people found me on and it is a scam do not reply to them report it I have also attached the documents sent to me.

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