Idea Buyer LLC – Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

I looked to Idea Buyer, LLC to help me patent and market my idea. They promised me a prototype and everything. The only downfall was that they asked if I had $40,000 to start. Of course, I did not, that is why I went to them in the first place. They said they could not do anything for me until I had the funding. It was all only to pay them, but I did my best to obtain the loan anyway. | Once I paid them. They were very little to no help. I did not have a patent for 6 months, when I finally got one, I did not even have all the rights to my product. They charge me plenty, but they do not communicate with me. I do not have a prototype to even show investors. My idea is getting nowhere. It is looking as though I am out $40,000.

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