Complaint: Steer clear of this psychopath manipulative thief – he has tried to turn “Crowd Funding”” into his grand money making scheme but he is a fraud and serious junkie. What is amazing is how obnoxious and arrogant he is while begging people out of their money to fund “”projects”” that allow him and his co-horts to travel to the world. How is that any different from begging on the street – it is a glamorized sneaky

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Address: manipulative way to bilk people out of their money. Who does he think he is – trying to convince the public to donate money so that he can be free to work on “”projects”” while travelling the world – what a great scam! How is this any different than collecting WELFARE? The public funds his a** so that he can live the good life – get a real job and stop begging for money under the guise of catch-phrase “”crowd funding”” ALSO KNOW AS begging the public for money. The greatest tricks of the trade

Website: he would try to sell you water while you are swimming in the ocean. He is well known to frequent prostitutes and he stinks. METTA FILMS CROWD FUNDING ianmack.com/my-work

Phone: the “”crowd funding”” stradegy is to work on people’s heart strings or exploit legitimate causes or charities. Ian MacKenzie does this by attaching his name/himself to any and every charity

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