On August 29th, the computer started screaming with a red alert messaging stating that this was Microsoft indicating that was a virus attack on my computer. I was to call the Microsoft number listed which I did. To make the long story, they showed me that I had been hacked by some foreign government website. They really sounded legit and I got sucked into their lingo. I had originally had Geeksonsite maintain a monthly tune up on my computer so I did think it strange that they would not have caught this issue. Anyway, they stated that they would fix my computer to the tune of $399.99 and this would be a 5 year program where they would maintain my computer and it would also transfer to another computer if I bought a new one. Geeksonsite called me later and told me that this was a scam. I therefore called the bank where I had charged the fee and they referred me to the fraud division. I was issued a new credit card and this is currently being researched by the bank. I have also changed my password to me computer. If you need more info, I would be glad to answer any questions I can. Hopefully, this will alert other people of the many things that can happen. The local number that was given to me was 1-844-828-7508 but the CA number for the 310 # was listed on the billing. I called that number and no one answered but I was told to leave a message which I did not do.

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By Ronald

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