Hyatt Hotels and Resorts Noblesville Indiana Review


My wife and I were on a trip traveling to Panama City Beach, Florida and decided to spend an evening on the way at the Hyatt Place, Birmingham/Hoover, AL. The morning we were leaving we stopped for a bite in their food area and set at a table in the actual kitchen area, one of only two available. The far majority of setting is outside the actual food area. We set at stools and my wife hung her purse on the back of her stool. Upon leaving the site, she forgot the purse. When we called a short time later to advise the Hyatt staff, they had recovered the purse, minus all of the cash. All other items were still in the purse. Based on the seating arrangement, the timing, the scenario, it is most logical that staff removed the cash and turned the purse in . Upon contacting the manager, Steve Variuer, we were advised that all we could do was file a police report, which we have. He also advised that the hotel is not really run by the Hyatt Corporation, but rather by group called Archon Hospitality and he works for them, Mr. Brad Vandaboom with Archon Hospitality is his supervisor (an important point to remember when frequent business travelers are deciding if they should use this facility- this is not a Hyatt run facility.). Archon uses Zurich Insurance which has made a name for itself by charging clients low rates and finding every way possible not to pay on a claim against their organization (Try doing a web search on their customer service issues.). By the Hyatt group taking themselves out of any issue with customer service, they can wash their hands of any negative customer service decisions it is up to archon and insurance organizations. The manager would offer no help in investigating with his own staff, following up, nothing. He advised we could check with their insurance and contact Hyatt Guest Relations. Upon arriving home, I contacted Hyatt Guest relations and conveyed the entire store to them which they then completely changed to money theft from our auto before sending it over to Zurich insurance a flat out lie. I also contacted Archon Hospitality through their website, customer service link which they never responded to. When I called the organization, they advised they would call back later that day. I ended up calling them again 2 days later with no response. Zurich Insurance has denied any type of support, of course partially based on the fact that Hyatt Guest Relations communicated a complete falsehood as the actual scenario. My wife and I would advise all travelers, especially business travelers, to take good care of their belongings anywhere in this establishment and not consider anything safe or that should you have an issue, you will receive any support from the staff or management of this organization, which remember is Archon, not the Hyatt Group and may even cross the line in ethically reporting the actual events which might take place.

2980 John Hawkins Parkway Hoover, Alabama United States of America



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