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Hugo Gamez is a smooth talking ex gang banger who likes to peruse married women. My wife and I were married 18 years and 7 months when the affair starred. I took the kids out of town for the weekend in October 2013 and that’s when it began. || We had problems like any other long marriage and Hugo befriended here and exploited our problems. Hugo is also married with four young children and was planning on leaving them for my wife, a real classy guy! He made grand promises to my ex wife up to the point she was totally out of our marriage. They were going to live like royalty in Guatemala with the money she got from me. They would meet several times a week in parking lots and fuck in his Tahoe, she would come home with hickeys all over. I had no choice but to file for divorce. || So the affair ended like almost all do, as he found out what child support is for four kids, ha ha. And now I’m fighting like hell through a nasty divorce and this bastard is back with his stupid wife and their offspring. Apparently this wasn’t the first time and won’t be the last. If he comes around watch out he’s a really piece of shit. In the end I’m glad, it shows how untrustworthy my EX wife is and now I can move on.

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By Ronald

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