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Complaint: Hugh White Honda Service Mechanics provide false information. They never lifted the hood up. Setup 2 appts in same day to have my Honda Accord serviced for grinding on my front left wheel. The grinding started when accelerating and stopped when braking. The grinding also stopped for periods of time. HWH (Steve Skaggs) informed me they didnt know why the grinding was happening. They informed me I needed new brake pads and rotors on all 4 wheels. Also, informed me of other issues like a quality mechanic. However, they failed to lift my hood up and inform me I needed a new 02 sensor which I have wrapped in electrical tape. Oops. After declining service (they charged me $113 for their half efforts. Which is fine, they put 10 minutes of work in. Finally, Skaggs told me my rotors dont look bad at first look because of a groove in the Top of “1”” brake pad. Yes

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Address: just 1 of the 4. He said there would be zero meat left on the rotor. Ok no big deal. Quote of $1175. Upon 2nd opinion


Phone: My wheel bearing needed replaced ($250). No other issues from Midas.”

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