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Complaint: This company is advertising hoverboards made in the US and offering 2 day shipping. I emailed the company stating that I wanted to cancel my order due to the reports of the boards catching fire. I received an email stating that this company had sold over 50,000 boards and have never had an incident with fire. They stated that the boards that are catching fire are made of cheap Chinese batteries however their company uses Samsung or LG batteries. So I decided to keep the order and the next day I received a tracking number that said it was shipping from Hong Kong. I emailed and called the company and received no answer. Then I got an email stating my package was stuck in customs. Again I emailed and called, still no response. I finally received the board , late of course. It was a Imoto board made with a lithium battery. I emailed them stating that I wanted to return the item. I received no response and the package does not contain information on how or where to return the item. So I am now stuck with a $400 board that I refuse to let my daughter ride because of the dangerous battery. These people are scam artist who will not respond to you once you payment clears.

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Internet USA

Website: www.hoverboard360.com/


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By Ronald

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