Hotwire Ft Lauderdale Florida Review


Hotwire failed to provide the services rendered and completely ignored my request to remedy the situation. Sadly, Hotwire management or ownership or both has drastically changed. I began using their services 8 years ago. Over the years they always did their best to accomodate me. They were easy to work with. Whatever changed as part of their mission is going to also be their eventual downfall. Hotwire’s model is based on choosing physical locations utilizing a star system to select hotels. I traveled to NYC with my young son and arrived on a Friday. I chose mid town east 4 star properties and when I found one that had the amenities I desired I completed the payment information form online. What came back was not an east side hotel rather a west side hotel, one that I ironically had issues with several years ago when the place was under construction. Regardless, I called and notified customer service of the error. I was told that the hotel is in the same vacinity as the east side properties. I argued that it was not. I realized I was having a conversation with someone in San Francisco who had probably never been to NYC. I asked for a supervisor. I pleaded my case. he supervisor told me there is nothing she could do. I called back and asked for another supervisor, pleading to simply call the hotel to see if they could accomodate me in one of their east side properties. The Sheraton by the way owns several other hotels on the east side. Each call was more irratating and frustarting than the previous one. I finally came to realize that this company cared now about one thing: getting your money and moving onto the next online sale. The following day the manager at The Sheraton graciously switched me to one of their premier east side hotels and told me that had Hotwire called they could have done the same. Hotwire made my stay in NYC very uncomforable. I would never use Hotwire again and I discourage anyone from ever trying them out. They are unreliable and untrustworthy.

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By Ronald

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