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I went on to purchase some DVD’s that I like. Amazon had a link to this seller. The seller aparantly has many affiliations and switches them often. Right now they are and that is linked to Any way, if you are entering a site from Amazon, you do not expect a membership scam. Well somehow it got me, it is very convenient it is months later so you can not remember exactly the circumstances in which you were screwed! There is NO way I would voluntarily sign up for a “savings”” membership. I buy from Amazon and their partners

I don’t need a BS “”membership””. $19.95/month to buy DVD’s at a price I can already buy them at? Really?? I am contacting Amazon to file a complaint as I am pretty sure they really don’t want to be tied to a scam like this. I called the hotmoviesale 800 number and the first story was the computers were down. The next time I got a lady that explained to me that because I had bought the DVD’s I was signed up and because I did not cancel

I was now a paying member! I hate these scams and never ever buy from anyone that has a “”membership”” that auto-renews. Well they got $19.95

I hope after I am done with Amazon and the attorney general of Florida

that they enjoy it!”

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By Ronald

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