Hotels ETC – Membership Scam

There are plenty of hotel sites that you can use without have to pay a membership fee, and the prices are for sure lower than Hotels ETC. They supposedly offer “special discounts on certain hotels, travel discounts, and entertainment. My husband and i were looking to travel more, so we looked into it. You have to pay so much a month to be apart of it.We quickly learned that you had to travel at least 20 times out of the year to make it worth your while. Once you sign up for the membership, you are locked into their payments for at least a year. There isn’t really a way out.I started to compare the site to, Trivago, and The prices were the same, if not lower than Hotels ETC.We did get one free night at a hotel…after 10 bookings. Not really a realistic site for people to use if they just want to go on vacation here and there. There aren’t any significant perks.

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