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I used to book an overnight stay in Birmingham, AL. Everything was fine until I received my statement and noticed I was overcharged for my stay. I called customer service, definitely overseas, to ask for a refund of the difference. I was told they could not refund my account. If they can charge my account they should be able to refund it. After arguing for awhile and being put on hold several times I asked for a manager. I finally agreed to accept $60 in hotel bucks. nI was told that I had one year to BOOK a trip and use the hotel bucks. About a week before they were to expire I decided to use them for an overnight stay to celebrate our honeymoon. I was now being told that I had to actually STAY somewhere during the one year period to use the hotel bucks. After being transferred about 5 times the customer service representative apologized for the misunderstanding. She canceled the $60 vouchers and issued me new ones that I would receive in 4-6 weeks. nEight weeks later NO vouchers. Called u201coverseasu201d again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Same story, you are given a case number and NO ONE will contact you back in 72 hours as stated. nAt the time of writing this complaint, it has been over 4 months, I have spoke to 5 different representatives about 3-4 weeks apart, one representative by email on their web site and I still have not been contacted back regarding the vouchers. nIf you love being lied to, taken advantage of, and enjoy u201coverseasu201d LOUSY customer service, use nI WILL NEVER USE or RECOMMEND to anyone.

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