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I booked a hotel, the new Otani Kaimana Beach, through this company in April, about a month before my trip. My credit card was charged and I received a confirmation email immediately after. But when I got to the hotel (flew out from Los Angeles to Honolulu in May), I was informed that my reservation was canceled. I was shocked since my credit card was charged and no credit was posted. nThe hotel called the company and was given the runaround. First, the hotel was placed on hold. The hotel employee actually hung up the phone and called Hotelclub back because it was so ridiculous and unprofessional to place a customer on hold for 15 minutes without coming back and at least saying “Sorry for the long wait. We are still trying to resolve the issue.”” nThen

the hotel was told that the reservation was still showing up on hotelclub’s computer. However

my hotel had only received cancellation fax even though Hotelclub insisted that they had faxed a subsequent paper confirming a booking. Hotel procedures state that when bookings are faxed to the hotel

the hotel faxes back a confirmation number to the booking agency. The booking agency


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