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We drove by this hotel and stopped to see if they had a room. nThe receptionist on duty, Marcin Dziewit, told us that they had one for 120, without indicating the currency, so we assumed that it was 120 Polish zloty since that is the currency everything else is priced in in Poland. nUpon checking out, a new receptionist Beata Orowiecka told us that the hotel only quotes in euros, that all prices are in euros, and that 120 PLN would be too cheap for a hotel of this quality. nNo one said a word about this when we checked in and, as tourists from Germany, we did not know what was reasonable for a room in Warsaw. nI suggested to Ms. Orowiecka the possibility that the first receptionist Mr. Dziewit had been improperly trained. Was he perhaps new and neglected to tell all guests that the price was in euros? Ms. Orowiecka ignored this question. nWhen I asked Ms. Orowiecka for a manager to resolve this situation, she said that as it was a Sunday, no one could help me but her. Ms. Orowiecka could only give me a small discount, which I appreciated. nUpon arriving at home, I wrote a letter to the manager, Katarzyna Pawlak-Wojtasiewicz. Ms. Pawlak-Wojtasiewicz’s response repeated the same information that Ms. Orowiecka gave me: “the hotel price list does not include prices in the Polish currency. All prices for retail customers are submitted in euros so the unit price could not be calculated in the Polish zloty.”” nAgain

Ms. Pawlak-Wojtasiewicz ignored the possibility that Mr. Dziewit

who quoted us the price

could have been improperly trained to explicitly state that the price is in euros. nMs. Pawlak-Wojtasiewicz implies that neither customer experience nor customer concerns matters. She did not offer to ask Mr. Dziewit what happened. In fact

Ms. Pawlak-Wojtasiewicz claims that what we experienced could not have been possible. nBasically

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