Hotel Dhargye Khangsar Petal Mississippi Review


I reserved a rooftop room at this hotel six months before arriving – being familiar with the area and with the hotel, I knew I needed a relatively quiet place to be able to work (at least for Boudha) for four months. When I arrived, however, the room I had reserved had been given to another guest five days before my arrival, in spite of both verbal and written agreements for my reservation. I was put in another room on a lower floor and assured it was much better. However, the room was right next to a furniture factory and underneath the hotel’s rooftop restaurant. From 6 in the morning until sometimes 8 in the evening and later, I was bombarded with scraping chairs above and electric saws, wood-sanders and hammering next door. At night, the neighbour’s dogs have regular barking fits (it almost sounds as if it is in your room) although I was told that this problem had also been resolved. In addition, because the hotel uses solar power to heat the water, due to the cold in January, there was no hot water. It is difficult to find places to rent in Boudha, so I had to stay here until I found another room. In the six weeks I stayed at this hotel, it was hell. I got many different stories from the management as to how something like this could happen, and the more I found out, the more I realised that the noise was a known issue from the very beginning. It would have been so much easier if the hotel had honoured the original agreement. I absolutely do not recommend them – completely untrustworthy. I have heard similar stories to my own from other clients as well.

Near White Gompa Kathmandu, Nepal


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By Ronald

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