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Erick Acuna Rojas checked into Hostel Tuanis on Saturday, 09 April, and paid for two nights stay. He posed as a professional chef, then earned guest trusts by cooking for everyone and being hospitable and humble. He informed the owner that he could bring in nine of his friends for a week.nAfter two days of cooking, cleaning and building trust he informed management and a few guests that his cousin could get discount liters of Flora de Cana Rum for $10 a bottle. On 11 April he swindled $60 from the staff and another $40 from guests and disappeared.He let some of his personal details leak and it became known he was from Grecia. A staff member went to Grecia the following day and learned he was known in town and had tried to steal money from at least one small business owner. His family was contacted and they informed us he had stolen money from them as well and his whereabouts were unknown. Upon further inquiries the staff at Tuanis learned he had stolen $500 from a Spanish couple at a hostel in Alajuela and $100 from an American couple in San Carlos. Based off the history, he has been at this con for awhile.nAs of 11 April he is clean shaven with dark curly hair, is approximately five feet tall, overweight and has a femine voice. You can see him in this He has a very approachable demeanor but should not be trusted with any money, valuables or personal information.

200 metros al oeste del la Escuela Roosevlet Nationwide United States of America


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