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I signed up for Hop Rocket in August of 2015. I was told that it was a members only booking engine with the lowest prices online. I was also told that all the cost of my enrollment fee and monthly costs build up points and these can be used on a point per dollar basis (100 points =$100.00) can be used to pay for vacations and I could let it build up like a travel savings account. I allowed the points to build up over a few months but when I wanted to book a trip to fly up north for the holidays I found very expensive prices and I also found that I could not use my accrued points as I was told originally unless I purchased additional “rocket rewards”” I immediatley became suspicious and I emailed the next day to request that my membership be cancelled and I requested a refund because I had not used the site at all to book travel. When I explained that the website does not allow for the points to be used as I was informed then I was given another explanation of how the points worked and I was only offered 120.00 back out of the 580.00 I paid over approximatley a three month period. I called and there was no one who could help me over the phone to address my concern so I emailed customer service and when i explained that I was not happy with the way the situation was being handled then I was referred to another email address from which I have received no responses. I simply want a refund for what i paid for because I never used the service and noone is trying to address my concerns

Also this company advertises as being all about people who love to travel but when you try to book travel all anyone will tell you is what you get with a membership. it is more about selling memberships and getting your friends to buy memberships than actually going on vacation. I hope anyone else who considers joining this or any program similar will think over their decision carefully.”

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By Ronald

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