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Complaint: Buyer Beware of Coupons and Promos at Hooters International! I purchased a Hooters VIP Wing Party online (ebay) was assured this was valid and before I purchased, I called the local store and asked if they honor the Wing Party certificates and was assured they do. This was for all you can eat wings and soda for up to 10 people. I gave this certificate to my boss as a Christmas gift and he gathered managers and sales professionals in his circle to meet for this fun-filled night only to be told upon presenting the certificate they will not honor at that store since it was not signed by a manager. How embarrassing when my boss called me at home and asked me to talk with the Greensboro, NC Hooters Manager Keith Tehan. He got my number and called me back from the restaurant’s office (phone # 336-852-4600) where he told me that since there was no managers signature on the certificate, he would not honor it. He then told me since there was a Coca-Cola logo on this Hooters VIP Wing certificate, it was too old since they only sell Pepsi products now. I argued my point there was no expiration date and I called 6 weeks prior and spoke to HIS STORE and verified the certificate would be honored. After 4 minutes, 46 second phone call, HE HUNG UP ON ME!!! This cerficate does not expire! There is no expiration date, hence one of the reasons I bought it! Now, I understand if he didn’t want his store’s profits to be hit with 10 starving people that will eat for hours, but this was a group of professional from that town and only 5 PEOPLE were present for the party! This group that showed up to enjoy wings at Hooters were General Managers of two local stores and a Mortgage Banker. Rest assured the word will be out on how rude Keith Tehan was to this party. I know I would not have a job if I treated a customer this way. HOOTERS OF GREENSBORO IS A RIP OFF AND SHOULD BE BOYCOTTED THIS SEASON!

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Address: 3031 High Point Road, Greensboro, NC Atlanta, Georgia USA


Phone: 336-852-4600

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