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Complaint: Leased here for an emergency job transfer for my wife and two children, not knowing of a pre-existing lawsuit on the building and its contents. If you are not careful reviewing the lease, you will be held accountable for all pre-existing conditions on the house including plumbing, electrical, and structural. Prior to moving out, we were hit with a bill for over $47,000 for cracked countertops, leaking spas, and faulty plumbing. This builder preys on people under duress that do not realize they will be sued for all pre-existing damages even if you never were a renter before. We lost the lawsuit because the lease was fraudulently written, and had to pay exorbitant legal fees as well. Never do business with this builder because deep pockets and loopholes in the law always prevail. BEWARE!

Tags: Realtors

Address: 9121 Alto Cedro Drive Beverly Hills California, USA


Phone: 310-704-6046

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By Ronald

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