Homeunion, Inc. San Francisco California


Complaint: This company advertises that it will make real estate investing simple… they charge crazy fees for their so called expert help and do not do much. After buying a home through them they did not advertise it for rent the way they promised and it sat empty for months costing me money. This after i paid them a 3.5% fee for obtainng the property. I made multiple calls to get updates on my property and rarely if ever recived calls back and evn when i did the person i talked to never seemed to have any real idea what was going on with my property. When it finally was rented all sorts of problems needed to be fixed and the tenant left. I sold the property at a loss and the company did pay me some of my fees back but I dont believe they have any clue what they are doing in real estate and charge high fees with horrible customer service. I would not recommend that anyone buy real estate through them.

Tags: Realtors

Address: 2010 Main Street Irvine, California USA

Website: www.homeunion.com/


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By Ronald

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