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Complaint: It’s been a couple of years since I went through this company to acquire housing. They were sweet as pumpkin pie in the beginning and promised they could find me exactly what I was looking for. They said they worked in conjunction with all of the local realtors, and had access to everything available. They told me they would send me an updated daily list that would provide contact info for each listing. They guaranteed their service or your money back. They promised a lot of things, and bragged on their company like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. However, once they had my payment, all congeniality went right out the window. Their promises became convoluted lies. They kept sending the same lists over and over, and with less listings than what was available online for free. When I asked them about specific ads I had found and contacted on my own that were not included on my list they started accusing me of being oppositional. Then they stopped sending the lists at all. When I communicated with them about their promises and guarantees, they became downright nasty. When they started ignoring my calls, I went through their email. They patronized me and just straight up lied. They NEVER found me a place. I found one myself. The truth is, I had long since put this experience out of my mind. I struck it up as stupid tax and moved on. Albeit when I began seeing their ads all over Craigslist, I was frustrated to say the least. I started posting on there to let other people know the truth about this unscrupulous company. Course my ads were flagged. .. big surprise, but I kept posting. A gentleman responded to me and suggested I go on here and file a complaint which is what I’m doing. My only hope is that it saves someone else from going through what I experienced. Nobody needs that type of cold, unprofessional behavior. It’s uncalled for.

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