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Home Doctors is the worst contractor I’ve ever dealt with. The owner Wendall is very deceptive and is a fast talker. Record everything he says because, pricing will change as work starts. He does not run a tight ship, does none of the work and does not ensure work is being done in turnkey fasion. His staff changes seemingly on a day to day basis and because he is nowhere around, clear expectations of what the customer wants is not clearly communicated. I hired him because of the quality he stated in the initial interview that he could deliver. He has you call someone he knows for a reference, who of course gives him an excellent rating. I encourage you to visibly see the work before hiring this clown. He got very confrontational when I question his work, talked about firing his staff and even talked harshly to me, via voicemail. Cowardly upon my return call, he did not answer and I’ve not heard from him again. I have a ton of unfinished work, and what he so-called finished looks like a kindergarden science project. In his voicemail, before throwing the elementary temper-tantrum, he offered to come in and fix whatever my concerns were and even though my house has surveillance, I would not let him near my home again. I also have had to do over $400.00 in carpet cleaning since and a lot of the paint will not come off the floor. I’m going to hire someone else to come finish the work, but am not counting loss on what was spent with the home doctors and as I am planning, I hope the buisness operates with a level of integrity which allows them to have an attorney on the team. His voicemail says it all.

Grand Prairie, Texas USA

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By Ronald

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