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On 3/11/11, I purchased a Maytag gas dryer from Home Depot in Cottleville MO, which was delivered and installed on 3/15/11. Since I was working that day, I arranged to have a friend present to let the installer in. When I got home, I could smell gas as soon as I entered the front door. The closer I got to the new dryer, the stronger the smell became. n I immediately called the local gas utility, who dispatched a man within the hour. He tested the dryer connection with a hand-held gas detector, which had started making an alarm as soon as he entered the house, and became progressively louder as he approached the gas connection. He physically tested the connection with a soap solution. He determined that the gas leak was at located at the valve where the flex line from the dryer was connected. n After shutting off the gas main outside, he removed the flex line from the valve, and the valve itself, and then he capped the pipe. Then had me sign a Hazardous Appliance Report that said “This Appliance must not be used until the hazardous condition has been eliminated. Continued use of this appliance may result in serious personal health problems””. nPertinent to this situation is Instruction #3 on page 13 of the Dryer Installation Instructions

which reads as follows: “” Open shut-off valve in supply line: valve is open when handle is parallel to gas pipe. Then

test all connections by brushing on an approved noncorrosive leak-detection solution. Bubbles will show a leak. Correct any leaks found.”” During the course of his inspection

the gas man told me that obviously the installer had not done this. n The following evening

I purchased a new valve at Home Depot and re-connected the new flex line to it. Problem solved. No more gas leak. n n I had paid $19.99 to Home Depot for a “”Gas Dryer Install Kit””

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