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October 4, 2010 To Whom It May Concern: In 009, I visited the Home Dcor Liquidators located in Capitol Heights Maryland. I was shopping around for a bedroom set and came across one that I loved. I expressed my interest in the set, but was hesitant to purchase. Before finalizing my purchase, I asked the sales person about their delivery and set-up and explained that this would factor into my purchase decision, as I was not in a position to assemble the pieces by myself Although it was advertised at the store counter that set-up was not included, I was assured by the sales person that it would not be a problem to have it set up. Because I was promised that set-up would be included in the delivery; therefore I finalized my purchase. On the day of delivery, I received a call from the delivery company confirming address and the time frame of delivery. It was promised as an open window between 5:30pm-8:30pm. As the time started to near closer to 8pm and no one had phoned me to say anything, I became worried, I decided to call and confirm their whereabouts. I also told them that my apartment complex has certain times for delivery and I do not want to be in violation. I was told they were on their way. I then became real concern because the weather had worsened and it was an hour later; therefore, I called again. The drivers assured me that they were minutes away, so I waited. The next thing I know I was awakened by phone calls, voices and loud knocks at my apartment buildings door, which I know was a disturbance to my neighbors and my household because it was after midnight. As a single mother of a toddler girl, I was so frightened to open the door, but was so perplexed as to what to do now that they were at my door. After letting them in, I was not greeted with an apology for the inconvenience, disrespect of time or disturbance nor did they set-up as promised by the sales person. Instead, I was left with my bedroom set in boxes at closet to 1am in the morning. The next day, I called the store and requested a phone call returned by a manager. A few days later, I received a follow-up call and voicemail from the Store Manager, Tim. I called him back to confirm receipt of the voicemail and to also personally share my disappointment in the service, as well as, the dishonesty from the sales person and delivery company. Joe apologized about the situation and assured me that he would have my sales person call my back to arrange set up. He also promised that on my next purchase, I would receive a discount. I even saved the voicemail for proof. Although, the sales person did contact me as Tim promised, I never received my discount. On April 28th 2010, before traveling out of my way, I called the store to inquire about the promised discount and was told that it would be okay as long as I had the voicemail. Again, I was assured that it would be honored; therefore, I traveled to the store and made a second purchase. When finalizing my order, I the told that Tim was not at the store, but once he returned, he would make the necessary adjustments. I called several times to follow-up on this promise with no success. To date, the amount was never adjusted by the store as promised. I have no plans to give any future business to this store and would definitely not recommend it to others due to the issues stated above. The only reason I made the second purchase at the store was to get the discount promised. The following discount is the only thing that I am expecting from Home Dcor Liquidators: Purchase (including tax): $143.10 Discount: $21.47 (15%)Total: $121.63 Corporate Office: Home Decor Liquidators4227 Pleasant Hill Rd. Ste 103, Bldg 11 Duluth, GA 30096 Phone: (770) 381-6100 ext 28 Home Decor Liquidators #21 9100 East Hampton Drive Capitol Heights, MD 20743 (301) 333-1651 www.hdlfurnitureandflooring.com

9100 East Hampton Drive Capitol Heights, Maryland United States of America

(301) 333-1651


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