Holli Tallard – Rockford, Illinois Illinois


Ladies, if you are in a relationship be careful of your men especially at funerals. Holli works for Sunset funeral home. She is a very nasty woman who is not happy unless she ruins marriages and children lives. Holli got a husbands’ phone number out of the guest book at a funeral. She then started to send nude pictures and call him. Well the affair started and my friend and her kids lost their husband and dad. This woman has sliced tires and destroyed my friends car because she is so afraid that the man will leave her. After all this came out it was found out that her pervious relationship started the same way. Also it was made known that Holli faked a pregnancy to keep her ex when he filed a restraining order on her she attempted to pick up his young niece and nephew from day care. Holli also has been known to use hard drugs like coke and heroin and she doesn’t mind using them around children. Holli also has a couple of STD’s including HIV which she does not disclose to her partners. Also Holli is not faithful at all.

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By Ronald

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