Holiday Systems International (HSI) Las Vegas Nevada Review


We recently spent some time at a Wyndham Grupo Mayan Resort. We registered at the Mayan Palace (2-star at most), we were not thrilled with the atmosphere or accommodations, definitely below the 4+star rating advertised and no in-room Jacuzzi like in the pictures. As we were departing the registration area we were approached by a woman who pressured us into a 90-minute informational presentation about the resort, and finally!!!, we agreed, in exchange for an upgrade to the over booked Grand Mayan. With all the negotiations, this cost us one day of our vacation. The next day we spent 4+ hours at the high-pressured sales presentation, which were trying to sell us hotel units that we could rent out to help reduce the expenditure, while keeping one available for our vacation. We were told that each unit would bring in $750.00-1500.00 per week to rent depending on the size of the unit. We inquired who was going to do the marketing for these, the sales reps stated that is it a guarantee that they will be rented, the representative further informed us that the Wyndham Corp would do all of the work, in fact, they often place the units on Priceline at inflated rates to recuperate costs. (Interesting, because I am a Rewards Member and when registering at the hotel they didn’t even know what or who Wyndham or Wyndham Rewards were). Things weren’t adding up and we tried numerous times to leave, being as polite as possible, repeatedly stating the 90-mins were up and it was time to go. Many representatives later, we were then directed to another area so we could check out and redeem our gifts. I was questioning because we had the upgrade and there were no tangible items. We were moved and seated at another table with different representatives and were asked how our service was, started asking numerous questions related to our experience and the next thing you know he was asking what it would take for us to buy and offered $2,700.00 and $400.00 in spa credit for the purchase. We were both worn and torn and all I wanted was to get out of the situation. The first day wasted dealing with the upgrade situation and now the second day, going on 5 hours of this high-pressured sales deal. I explained that I wasn’t interested in the spa and they reduced the bottom-line to $2,300.00 for 20 weeks over 10 years adding in a cruise. We purchased, thinking we had bought a unit at Grupo Mayan. The representative said he was going to go through the paperwork very quickly because he understood our frustration spending so long at the presentation. He processed the credit card and sent us on our way. We walked away thinkingwhat did we buy? We called the Las Vegas office when we returned, got the run around and finally was directed to call international back to Mayan, we had to call back again because the supervisor has a one-hour time frame that he is available from 10:30am-11:30am on Sunday. Unfortunately, the supervisor said we could cancel the membership but he could not refund the $2,300.00 sign up fee. nThis is a lot of money for us and we aren’t sure who or where to place a formal complaint with the Mexican Tourism Authorities and with Wyndham Resorts. We would like them to inform them so they are aware of what is happening in addition to getting our money back. We love to travel to Mexico and have had numerous wonderful vacations, but this cost us 2 days of our vacation and gave us an awful experience. I would imagine if this happened to a first time traveler to Mexico, and had this same experience they would never come back again. nRespectfully, nMarynLas Vegas, NevadaU.S.A. Nationwide Mexico


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