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I also bought a timeshare in Gatlinburg, TN when it was Crown Park Resort. I absolutely loved it. Then Orange Lake came along and changed the terms that were agreed upon at the time of purchase. Owner Support has refused to resolve any of the issues. I have filed complaints with the Attorney General in Indiana, Tennessee, and Florida but still have not gotten what we paid for. Maintenance Fees were immediately increased to that of a 2 bedroom unit, when I own a 1 bedroom unit. Orange lake has failed to explain why I would pay the same maintenance on a smaller unit. Less sq footage equals less maintenance, less taxes, less utilities, however Orange lake demands more. I have in writing the first day incentives that were promised at the time of purchase, but Orange Lake says sorry we dont do that anymore. No more attraction tickets or extra nights. We cannot see any availability online, however you can go to Holiday inn vacation club’s website and pay cash and stay virtually any time. But I’m an owner, too bad says Orange Lake “we already have your money!”” Now

we are required to pay a Club member fee to use the unit we purchased. But I own the unit

too bad says Orange Lake

we want more of your money. I have now retained an attorney and I look forward to exposing Orange Lake for who they really are. I am currently in the process of compiling a list of all owners of record at Smoky Mountain Resort. It is about time that a class action lawsuit is filed on behalf of the good hardworking people that have fell victim to the old “”bait and switch””. I am fortunate enough to have a great job and will spend my life savings to ensure Orange lake doesn’t go unpunished for the way they run their business. SHAME ON YOU ORANGE LAKE


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By Ronald

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