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Complaint: My team has been a paying customer for over a year with these guys and after getting 1 PERSON sending our server DMCA takedown requests, this hosting company tells us that we HAVE NO CHOICE but to move servers. Be EXTREMELY WARNED, if you run a legitmate business that has competitors and might have people trying to take you down by complaining about the products you sell or images you use on your ecommerce store. If you run any kind of design work or sell products online, DMCA messages from competitors, are very common and happen all the time to take down other websites. Most of them are completely false and they lie, however the guys at hivelocity are completely clueless and just plain braindead about this concept. The moment you get an abuse complaint, they will give you a warning, if the same person sends another dmca request they will terminate your server. After the third they will freeze all your files and NOT GIVE YOU ACCESS. We threatened to sue them LEGALLY and they gave us access for 3 days to recover our files. ABSOLUTELY horrible service, this is not the last they have heard of us and we are aiming to put our reviews on multiple platforms so others know who they are exactly dealing with. They have cost our company lots of losses in revenues and kept us up all night trying to do the transfer with their incompetent support staff. Don’t even get me started with their completely rude and cold support staff. If you open a ticket with an issue, they will give you usually a one line sentence as a response, which most of the time doesnt help you at all and only leads to constant back and forth to finally get them to actually fix the problem. Most of the time they also do not even do it and expect you to fix the problem yourself first.. and note that this entire time our company had been on their managed service and we paid extra just to have their support. Again, there is a huge flaw in their way they handle problems at their company when you can take down any server hosted on their IP’s by simply sending 3 abuse tickets, and kiss your server goodbye along with your files. If you are doing any sort of business that may have anyone try and send a dmca notice, STAY FAR AWAY!

Tags: Internet Fraud

Address: Tampa, Florida USA



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