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Someone from the number 1-800-844-3586 left a voicemail with the manager of the company my employer contracts with (meaning she manages the company where in which I have an office, parttime, but the company she works for is not my actual employer). The message was very garbled and hard to understand but what she could get from it was that the person on the other end was claiming to be checking a reference for a company with which I had applied for a job. I have not applied for any jobs in 2.5 years. They also got my name wrong twice in the message but eventually got it right and even spelled it out. They said they wanted to know the dates I had worked there and some other information that she could not make out. When she called the number back the recording said it was Hire Right, and the extension (8587200) went directly to a voicemail with an garbled recording that couldn’t be understood. When I called the number I got the same thing and when I Googled the number I found a website with several other people complaining about the same experience.

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By Ronald

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