HERZOGS Saugerties New York Review


I went to what I thought was a trusted store in Kingston, NY, Herzogs, to buy Aura paint by Benjamin Moore. I had used all no VOC no smell primer by Lowes and wanted the beautiful colors of Aura. Instead of just selling me the paint the salesman pushed, and I mean PUSHED me to buy Natura by Benjamin Moore, promising and swearing that there was no VOC, NO ODOR and it would not effect my allergies or asthma. I trusted him and boy was I screwed. Instead of no odor, instead of not effecting my health, the paint was so stinky that I couldn’t go into the building. The smell never went away. Six coats of paint were applied over that Natura to try to seal it, to no avail. Today, almost 2 years later, I still cannot be in the building and have lost all my inheritance, which paid for the construction. No one wants to take responsibility for what happened. I have asked for a ventilation system to keep fresh air circulating in the building and have been refused this simple remediation. I will therefore have to take them to court and sue them once I get an estimate.If Herzogs hadn’t pushed and pushed me to buy the Natura, I would be a happy camper today. They should have known that the paint was toxic and if they didn’t, they shouldn’t have made promises that ruined my building and has prevented me from earning a living with the building. All I want is remediation and can’t get it. There is a class action lawsuit against Benjamin Moore and I will personally hold Herzogs responsible as well. Do not use their store for anything. They are liar and won’t back up their products.

9 NORTH FRONT ST (MALL) Kingston, New York United States of America



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