Henry (Scotty) Doerr AKA The Glass Man EHT New Jersey


Complaint: Incomplete job, scum took my money and never finished the job, ripoff thief, Low-life, Horrible way to do business ….. I was referred to Scotty by the company Mr. Glass as someone who could locate a used windshield and come to my house to replace it. After less than an hour search Scotty did not find and probably never looked for a used windshield. He agreed to come to my house and replace the windshied and repair my car door. I called him at the time I expected him to be at my house and he informed me that I had two things against me 1)He did not have heat in his house last night and 2)It was too cold outside, so he would not be doing the job today. He promised to do it the next day in the afternoon. Well afternoon turned into after 4pm. He fixed the windshield, left the cracked one on my lawn and took my door handle with him. I called him to find out about what was wrong with door handle and he claimed I needed an entire new one. He said he could not find one anywhere and advised me to contact the dealer to order one. I did and the part would not be in for a few days. He assured me that as soon as the part came in to call him and he would be right out. The part came back unexpectedly early. I called hime 10am on a Friday. He promised he would be out at 2pm to complete the job I had already paid for. He never showed up. I called him at 4pm and he claimed he would not be out for another hour and then we mysteriously got disconnected. He never answered anymore of my calls although he had cashed my check, left and cracked windshield on my lawn and left me with a door handle I still had to pay someone else to repair. His driver’s license number is NJD61153248205605 EXP. 10/31/03 Andrea Egg Harbor Township, New JerseyU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Repair Service

Address: 6047 Harding Highway Mays Landing, NJ 08330 NJDL D61153248205605 eXP. 10-31-03 Mays Landing, New Jersey U.S.A.


Phone: 609-839-3906

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